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im currently planning a few bridal showers for some amazing brides-to-be. bridal showers are one of my favorite events to plan. they are glamorous, feminine, & celebratory with any theme you choose.

an extremely popular trend right now is shabby chic weddings. they can be difficult when hosting that many people for a wedding. vintage is fun but can get very expensive when done right! so why not use it for a shower instead? here are a few of my favorite shabby chic ideas to incorporate into your next bridal shower!

ooo la la!


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i had the privilege last weekend to design and co-host a dear friend’s bridal shower. she went to college in tennessee but now lives in california, so i wanted to bring a little “backyard” back to her. since it was a bridal shower, however, we wanted to keep it classy, girly and of course bright!

invitations custom made by… me 🙂

sun flowers flowed throughout.

bright daisies floated in the pool.

think this turned out fabulously, if i do say so myself! collected old beer bottles, removed most of the labels, tied twine and hung them as vases along the length of the backyard fence.

my favorite daisy cut mason jars made an appearance again!

shower favors were homemade applesauce, a family favorite!

included in the invitation, we asked everyone to fill out the recipe card to share their favorite recipe with the bride.

just a few more shots…

last but not least… wyatt – my little helper of the day!

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purple bling.

a bridal shower theme can come from as simple of an idea of a color. in this case, we choose the bride’s favorite (and semi obesession) of purple! throw in some rings, glitter, and voila!

who says a fabulous cake is just for the wedding?

as well as a simple theme, you can also add some creative and budget friendly extras. the bridesmaids here baked beautiful goodies for the afternoon.

one of my “must have’s” for any bridal shower is a wishing tree. 

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brunch at tiffany’s.

what is better then having a bridal shower that is uber girly, flowing champagne, an excuse to dress up, and all over fabbbbulous?

nothing i can think of.


darling invitations created by Rebecca Stewart Johnson, RSJ Creative.

tables were decorated with simple ellegance – strands of pearls, diamonds, white hydrangeas and of course tiffany blue accents!

every party needs cupcakes! what better then to decorate them to resemble tiffany & co. boxes?

all guests were asked to wear their best little black dress and favorite pearls.

beautiful glass jars were filled with old fashioned candies and guests were able to fill their own tiffany & co. boxes with the goodies of their choice to take home.

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afternoon tea party.

one of my favorite events to plan are summer soiree’s – outdoors you have the freedom to decorate with a clean and natural slate. this past summers events were knockouts!


custom made invitations by the wonderful Rebecca Stewart Johnson, RSJ Creative.

each place setting had a different china pattern for a true vintage feel.

mojitos and sangria dispensers are a must!

drinks were served in daisy top mason jars and hand made straws read:

“made with love” & “happily ever after”

we filled different tea pots and cups up with flowers from the garden for a beautiful whimsical look.

deserts were in plenty.

my favorite touch to showers is a wishing tree. pre fill out a saying on the front of a card and guests can give their advice on the inside for the bride to be. hang on the tree when finished and it becomes a fantastic decoration to add.

each guest was given a cupcake to take home inside a beautiful box, wrapped in a handsewn bag with different vintage buttons on each one!

photos by: reynarobynphotography.com

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