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im currently planning a few bridal showers for some amazing brides-to-be. bridal showers are one of my favorite events to plan. they are glamorous, feminine, & celebratory with any theme you choose.

an extremely popular trend right now is shabby chic weddings. they can be difficult when hosting that many people for a wedding. vintage is fun but can get very expensive when done right! so why not use it for a shower instead? here are a few of my favorite shabby chic ideas to incorporate into your next bridal shower!

ooo la la!


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diy parties.

when throwing an event, sometimes a “home-made” party feel is the best! especially for a small gathering of family & friends!

all it takes is a little inspiration and a little diy.

does it get any sweeter then this?

the smallest details can make it all come together.

stay tuned for more diy party ideas to come!

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