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office space.

it has been a slow process trying to decorate our new texas home (not a bad problem, just an expensive one!) but i’ve tried to tackle one room at a time. i have finally been able to get my office functional – and semi put together. the littlest things make the biggest difference!

fresh cut farmers market flowers make any room better!

ever-changing inspirational tear sheets on display.

reference books that will never date themselves.

and my favorite new lucite chair (or should i say luke’s not-so-favorite-since-he-can’t-hide-behind-it chair).

lacking a few more shelves for organization & some wall art, it is becoming oh so inviting – almost enough to want to work!


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classic? check.

came across this little number this morning and i had to share. i have been trying to transition my closet into “big girl” clothes, out with the cheap – in with the quality. it is a must-have for any classic wardrobe!

thank you matchbook mag. how does your checklist look?

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